Battery Rebuild Cost Calculator

Please use this calculator to gain a rough idea of how much your battery may cost to rebuild.

Battery Rebuild Cost Calculator

There will usually be a sticker on the battery itself, or perhaps the charger, to give you some indication of the type, and/or size of the battery. Common voltages are 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 52v, and 60v. (Other voltages are available by special request)

Ah is a measure of capacity, this is used to determine how many cells in parallel there are in the pack. (This is also usually displayed on the battery sticker)

The average labour time for a battery rebuild varies between 6, and 14 hours. This would be charged at the standard labour rate of £10/hour. This is why a flat fee of £100 is added into the calculator. This tool is only to give you a rough guide to our pricing, as the total may come out higher, or lower than that.

Different batteries use different cells in the packs, so some higher capacity/power output cells, can cost more than others, therefore the price varies due to that, too.

Once we have looked at your battery (The fee of £10 for an hours labour does apply) we can give you an exact quote on how much it would be to completely recell your battery.