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Bipolar Hall Effect Sensor 41F 218 SS41 SH41 SS41F OH41 3 Pin (FOR MOTORS)




This is fora single sensor, if more are needed, please add the required amount to the basket.


We Reccomend Replacing all 3 Sensors at once – do not mix and match different brand sensors.


3 sensors usually per motor – the legs are very fragile so ordering one extra may be a good idea if you haven’t done the job before.


Some motors have 6 sensors – please do check before ordering.



• Hall Effect Sensor type 41F

• 41F SS41 OH41 SH41 SS41F S41 – Ideal for electric bike or scooter brushless motor repair

• Used In: Speed Sensor

• Output: Digital Sensor

• Type: Magnetic Sensor

• Material: Composite

• Theory: Hall Sensor

• Model Number: 41F 0H41 SH41 SS41F S41 Sensor Bipolar Hall Element

• Absolute Maximum Rate (Ta = 25 Celsius)

• Working voltage VCC: 4.5 ~ 24V

• IO Output Current: 25mA

• Operating Environment Temperature TA: -40 ~ 150Celsius

• Storage temperature TS: -55 ~ 100Celsius

• See pictures for pin outs

(No retail packaging, instruction manual NOT included)


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