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10S 15A BMS (36v LI-ION)



The protection board is for 10 series cell Li-ion batteries, it can be used for 3.7V ternary batteries, manganese acid batteries and cobalt acid batteries. It has balance function which would ensure each battery cell being fully charged at same time. Support overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and short circuit protection.  It is suitable for electric car, electric power assistant car, skateboard car, inverter, etc With temperature control protection function, safe and reliable.



Applicable voltage: 36V

Applicable power: <1000w

Maximum working current: 30A

Continuous maximum current: 20A

Overdischarge protection voltage: 2.6v
Overcharge protection voltage: 4.25v
Charging current: Maximum 10A
Balance voltage: 4.2v
High temperature discharge: 75 ℃

Low temperature charge: – 7 ℃

Weight: 46g

Package included:

1 x Protection Board

1 x Cable


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