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13s 35A BMS (48v LI-ION)


This BMS is super thin.
On/Off function!
It can detect each cell voltage during the discharging and the charging.
It will monitor the battery temperature  and will cut it off, if necessary, to protect it from damage.
It has very low power consumption, but at the same time will guarantee your battery long life.
It will monitor every cell and at any time to make sure they will all have same voltage during discharging and charging time and that will prevent your battery from over discharge or over discharge, which will destroy it.
It has short circuit protection.
It can operate from -7 up to +70°C, so your battery will be always protected.
By default the BMS on/off function will be on at all times. But if you want to use a switch, you can cut the white wires and connect it there.
Maximal Charging Current: 14A
Maximal Continuous Discharging Current: 35A
Size: 107×60×8mm
Over-Charge Voltage Protection: 4.25V
Over-Discharge Voltage Protection: 2.8V
Discharging Protection Current: 70A


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